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Alister Stella Grey Rose by Priti NYC

Alister Stella Grey Rose is quite a mouthful when it comes to naming nail polish but if any color deserves to be a mouthful, it’s this one. This is one of those colors that I got in a set and was completely prepared to hate, I mean, pink, it’s pretty boring right? But once I got it on I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And this photo does not do it justice. Trust me, I tried for three days but sunlight just wasn’t cooperating.

I should have known I would love it because Alister Stella Grey Rose was designed for Stella McCartney’s F/W 2011 Paris Fashion week show. It’s the perfect neutral pink, it’s not so neutral that it blends in with your fingers but neutral enough that it does have an elongating effect on your fingers.

Alister Stell Gray Rose swatch

 This is the color I would wear to a job interview or any time I wanted to looked groomed, but not overdone. You can find it here.

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