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Happy SITS Day to Me! + {DIY} Pom Poms

Is it tacky to congratulate myself like that? I am just so thrilled that my SITS day is finally upon us. For those of you who don’t know, the SITS girls is a group of 40,000+ bloggers who support each other, Secret. Is. The. Support., get it? Almost every week day they feature a different blogger on their site and everyone tries to visit their blog and leave a comment. See what I mean, it is a PRETTY big deal of awesomeness. I don’t fancy that ALL 40,000 bloggers will visit my site today, but a girl can dream right?

SITS Day Cheer

When I found out I was selected for a sits day, I was reading my email in bed at 2 am. I rolled over to the BF to tell him the news and exclaimed, “I need to get pom poms! I want to do a cheer.” He grunted and rolled over and I knew he was right, I am a DIYer, I don’t need to buy pom poms, I could make some. BF gives such good advice when he is unconscious. So here you see me cheering for SITS (I’m not too good at turning my body into an S, obvi wasn’t a cheerleader in high school), and below you can see how to make your own pom pom bracelets for the next time you get super excited and need to have a full body spasm.


Click through the gallery for instructions.

So why stick pom poms on bracelets? In case you ever want a load of fringe hanging out your sleeves, of course! Just wait, its going to be a major trend in 2013.

Thanks for coming by, I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.

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