{Designer//Vegan} Wedge Sneakers

I have been searching for a pair of wedge sneakers ever since I saw these Isabel Marant’s here. Unfortunately, not only are they very spendy, even if I had the money, they wouldn’t be an option for me because of the leather. This is when I get excited about designer knock-offs! So designers, let this be a lesson to you, sometimes it pays to have an eco/vegan option. I understand you may not want to go there and use the word vegan, yikes! Vegan can be a scary word if you regularly use leather. But seriously, eco should always be animal-free. People like eco. It’s a safe bet. Trust me. Think canvas and faux-leather made from recycled plastic bottles a la Matt and Nat. Even your non-vegan consumers will eat that shiz up. Anyways, moving on. Le knock-off in faux leather. Very nice.

{Vegan Version} Wedge Sneakers

Now, I understand this style may want to make you vomit. It’s cool. We don’t have to like the same stuff. Different strokes make the world go round. I’m loving them. I might order them. I might post pictures of myself looking awesome in them. We’ll see.

xx ks

{Vegan Shoes} Good Guys

I first saw Good Guys on The Discerning Brute what seems like ages ago. I remember looking at the derbies wishing I could find the same in shoe in women’s. My time has come. They are finally available online through their website. AND there are unisex and women’s styles. SO THRILLED. These are the two styles I’m lusting over.

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You’re a virgin, who can’t drive.

If there is one movie I could watch over and over again in Junior High, it was Clueless. I remember it inspired collections at Contempo Casuals AND Bakers. I searched out knee socks and mini skirts that were just long enough to pass in school. One item that I always wanted and could never find was an extra long sheer button up like the one she wore to fail her driving test.

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{Vegan Shoes} Loafer Love

I absolutely adore loafers. But a cute pair sans leather can be a tough thing to find. So, thank you Neiman Marcus for suggesting these fab Swims loafers to me when you were low on Jason Wu for Melissa Shoes in my size.

Swims Penny Loafer in Green

These adorable loafers are made of rubber and mesh making them totally breathable and safe to go sock-free. Swims started out making “modern galoshes”, they have a darling ballerina flat that fits over flats and even an overshoe for heals. I’m very excited that they’ve expanded into shoes as well. The loafer is the first Swims product I’ve been able find online. I’m hoping Neiman Marcus will start offering the ballerina flat galosh as well.

Image via here.